• Watercolor & Fellowship

    Come Paint With Me, Watercolor and Fellowship days.


    Next Watercolor and Fellowship is Sunday, July 8th, 2018 2-4 at Leander Presbyterian Church, In the fellowship hall. Come in the back door where the ramp is at 101 N. West Dr, Leander, Texas 78641.
    Same as always, I supply all the art supplies you need. Watercolor & Fellowship is free and I ask for a $5.00 per person donation.
    Thank you Leander Presbyterian Church for allowing me to teach in the Fellowship Hall! Oh and if you would like to make a donation to Leander Presbyterian, a gift to further the outreach of Christ Love to your community or a donation to help pay for the cost of the repairs needed on this wonderful historical building, your donations are welcome.
    Mail your contributions to:
    Leander Presbyterian Church, P. O. Box 1103, Leander, TX  78646
    We don’t have mail service to the church address itself.
    How Can I help you?
    You can REPLY to this newsletter
    Call or text me 512-653-2540
    Original Art & Art Supplies kathleenmcelwaineart.etsy.com
    Prints & Products Kathleen-mcelwaine.pixels.com
    I have just started making teaching videos on Skillshare. It really is a wonderful place to learn how to do most anything you want to learn.

    I have published my first class and I am happy! Check it out at this link, if you decide to sign up it helps me get more even more attention.

    Here is my class referral link
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  • Meeting Pierre

    Sitting in the hotel lobby, drinking coffee and painting as I do in the mornings, wherever I am….I saw a man walking towards me excited to see me. I had no idea who this man was but I could not wait to find out.

     He came close and began to ask me to tell him about what I was doing. He said I never come to the lobby like this, I must have come just to meet you. He kept asking me questions, I kept telling him stories about my palette and the small paintings all around and I told him stories about all of you. I wanted him to know I teach watercolor to anyone wanting to learn. I told him I teach watercolor. I bragged, MY STUDENTS, ARE 100% SUCCESSFUL! I said My students know the success of their paintings is all theirs! He was so very excited about meeting me and I kept wondering who is this man? Then I found out, The truth is, he is the only person I have ever thought of that I actually thought I would never meet. He is Pierre of http://www.savoirfaire.com the importer of Fabriano Artistico Paper, the 5×7 blocks of Artist Quality Paper I used all those years riding the bus and painting as the Buspaintings Artist. This is the paper that allowed me to turn a little painting that many people called a card into a business, and even today these paintings hold the attention of admirers of Fine Texas Art.

    Many times in my life I have said how much I would like to say thank you, for making it possible for me to have access to this wonderful watercolor paper. And then Pierre walked through a lobby I was sitting in and he discovered me. Later that day I was invited to the Savoir Faire Booth at the trade show and I was introduced to Pierre’s wife, Maureen Labro, an artist and lovely person, her smile said it all as Pierre introduced us with voice and gestures only a friendly French Man could. I also had the honor to meet Andrew Cook, Account Manager Education.

    The way I see it: God said Kathleen, I love you and I have this gift for you, sit right here and paint a bit to receive it. I did and I received the gift, no small miracle in my world, it was nice to meet you Pierre and yes I thank God for you every day. Visit my patreon.com/ktws site and watch an interview Pierre and I did.

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  • Beginners Guide: Hot Press or Cold Press Watercolor Paper, Whats Up?

    If I ask my husband a question about Jesus, he begins to make sure I know the full gospel account and in no time at all, it begins to sound like he never heard my question, but If I will be patient, low and behold, he eventually gets around to answering my question. Since I love talking about watercolor paper, I try really hard to be real specific with my answers when a student seeks guidance on what paper to buy.

    With this, I want to go straight to the meat of the subject.

    When I am teaching beginner students to paint with watercolor, I want them to use the very best cold press watercolor paper I can provide. The best and most affordable student quality paper manufactured today is Canson XL Watercolor Paper, a pad of 30 9×12 sheets of 140 lb cold press paper. Keep in mind this paper is made from wood pulp, not cotton. When you paint on it, the paper absorbs the water and the paint sits on top. The way a paper grabs the color makes a lot of difference in the way the painting will look. So as soon as I can, I move a student to the very most affordable 100% Cotton paper a student can afford. Global Arts, Fluid 100, 140lb, Cold Press, 100% Cotton watercolor paper. This paper has beautiful tooth, texture, weight, and color. This will give a student the best learning experience and final outcome. Fluid 100, 100% cotton, cold press, 140LB paper is exactly what I provide my students in all my beginner’s classes and when you purchase one of my palettes I include 10 to 12, 6×8 sheets.

    Professionally as an artist, I use Fabriano, Artistico, Extra White, 100% Cotton, Hot Press, 140lb Watercolor Paper. The reason: Most of my art is available as prints only. My original art is sold only occasionally from my Etsy Store. I want a paper that will allow me to scan at a very high resolution, allow me to clean up all the background and print with little to no extra texture showing through. I find the Extra White and the Hot Press and the quality of paper to be unmatched by any other brand. I buy pounds and pounds of this paper in 22×30 sheets of paper. I’m proud to say I met the man that has worked all these years to bring this paper to the US. Thank you, Pierre! Click here to watch a video from the day Pierre and I met.

    My art is mainly purchased 12×16  Fine Texas Art Prints, wholesale from a growing list of  Texas Gift Shops, or available Online Print and Products Store, hosted by Fine Art America, Pixels.com, where my customers have enjoyed 100% satisfaction guarantee for many years.


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  • 1000 Little Paintings signed KMcElwaine

    Most of the paintings for the last 15 years are sizes  5×5 to 6×8 inch. Each one created for the purpose of daily painting, my own practice as an artist. Some I treasure and frame for my own enjoyment.

    Have you ever wondered what I do with all those little watercolor paintings I paint? Well, this is a blog about the Scope of Work and I how created a business specifically with 100’s, maybe even 1,000’s of small paintings.

    I wrote a book, Available on Amazon, or on my Etsy Store, full of my small paintings,  to be read out loud to children telling about how art helped me learn to read when I was 12 years old. Because of what I learn with my art, I have a great deal of confidence that I can learn so daily I kick that learning disability away and keep on keeping on. This is actually a tool the Holy Spirit gave me to live the abundant life God has for me. John 10:10.

    I created a mural for Cedar Park Regional Hospital Children’s Wing Playroom. I used small paintings to create the wallpaper for this 20 ft x 8 ft wallpaper.

    Some I make patterns for Keep The White Space®, learn how to paint with watercolor paint and a water brush classes. Patterns are included in the cost of a class & they may be purchased $1.00 each, downloaded free from www.patreon.com/ktws & a Keep The White Space® Watercoloring Book, purchase from Keepthewhitespace.etsy.com $25.00






    Some I offer to Retail Stores for the purpose of licensing. Customers include The DayTripper with Chet Garner, Sue Patrick, Divine Treasures

    And some I offer the Original Art you might want to purchase Keepthewhitespace.etsy.com








    Some are created into prints to sell wholesale to Retail Stores as 12×16 & or 12×12 / frame sized Fine Texas Art. As of 2017 I have 17 different images available Wholesale. Customers include my Online Store with EtsyDivine Treasures, Sue Patrick, The Bob Bullock, Wild Seed Farms, LBJ Library, Texas Bucket List, Washington on the Brazos

    One of my favorite purposes- printed on Kona Cotton for size appropriate Quilt Blocks Customers include, The local Cedar Park Store, Sew Crazy, and Sew Crazy online store,  Austin Store, Honey Bee & Cowgirls and Lace, coming soon Divine Treasures






    Some I have prepared and uploaded to a most wonderful Online company Fine Art America/Pixels.com. This company gives me my own Print and Product Website. I paint the paintings, I prepare and upload it to my page and then you can choose an image and have Wall Art or Greeting Cards or Tote Bags, Coin purses, Coffee Cups, Tee Shirts, you might even have a Shower Curtain made with the image. Find all of these and more Online kathleen-mcelwaine.pixels.com or use the print button found on my home page on my Website, www.kmcelwaine.com







    The first 25 or 30 years of my career as an artist I primarily shared my oil paintings and I taught beginners to paint with oil paint.


    Some have been the most fun because I worked with Posy Lough, to create Counted Cross Stitch Kits for her Posy Collection. These are sold primarily at the Bob Bullock in Austin Texas.

    And then my newest customer and opportunity is with a company called S2S Warehouse. They have 3 stores Waco, Texas, Temple, Texas and Cedar Park, Texas. I can’t wait to see how this develops. No images available yet. I will update as soon as I have something to show you.

    I suggest you sign up for my Newsletter and stay tuned to Kathleen McElwaine Art LLC.

    Thank you because of you all of this has been possible.





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  • License your art? This is how it is for me.

    A few weeks ago I started painting for Sue Patrick, 5222 Burnet Road, Austin Texas. I painted lots of watercolor painting with the hope that one of the images would be “just what they wanted” for spring, or Mothers Day or Valentines Day.  Thinking of Spring & Valentines Day.

    I fanned the flame of my creative juices by painting these.  This helps me to focus. Then I painted these.









    Then I looked at some of the shirts Sue Patrick had created in the past with my art. .

    Then feeling confident and proud I knew exactly what I wanted to paint and create to share with Sue Patrick.

    Then I felt ready to show!

    I made an appointment.

    I created more.  To my delight, they chose four. Two of the ones they chose are not shown here. One I created in Photoshop and the other they chose from images they had done in the past. They must have done so well with it in the past that they wanted to bring it back!

    I will write a follow-up blog when the final products are available in the store! I can’t wait to see what they will look like.

    Please share my blog with so that others can learn from me and learn about my art.

    Thank you! www.kmcelwaine.com

    Watch my latest video and please share. When you share, it helps my art to be known by all! Thank you.

    Click on the link to watch a 1 minute video on my Youtube channel – Watercolor painting a Sea Turtle Video 1 minute

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  • Keep The White Space, in your day and in your art – an explanation

    Keep The White Space – In your Day & in your Art

    My sweet, very good looking Pastor husband, Robert, says “Kathleen talks and thinks in negative space”. When he first said this I knew he was correct. I think and talk in the same method as I plan a painting.
    I meticulously lay out the negative space, the white space in my paintings. This is the space where the purpose, the focal point is not, the space where your eye can rest and then wander back into the painting.
    Now thinking a bit more and a bit deeper about this – Even as a child I surmised that everything in the painting, that is not the focal point is the negative space. And the negative space becomes the supporting evidence of the purpose of the painting.
    I was about 13 when I first heard the gospel. I desperately wanted the relief that people talked about experiencing when they accepted Christ as Lord.   I began the journey of implementing this new knowledge into my life. I was 22 before I had teachers in my life that began to inspire me to read the Bible and to allow the Holy Spirit to work in my life. For me it was not the magic of the sinners prayer, it was the line upon line precept upon precept that allowed me to make changes in my life, but I remained human. Now as a Christian, trying with all my mite to do the right things I proceeded to experience life in ways that I think mirror Job and his heartbreaks and losses at the hand of satan. I was a very unhappy person, holding fast to a love for Christ but not walking in Christ’s love for me.
    I then made a conscious effort to turn my life around.  I made the decision to wake every morning, reach my hand out to Jesus and tell Him I wanted to walk in the garden with him.
    This was when I began to live consistent with my purpose and let my day-to-day life be the supporting evidence to my purpose: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'”
    I began to paint each day while I walked and talked with Jesus. Each day, a new day, a new garden, a new experience of Christ love and each painting included a deeply experienced time of coming away, of being still in the presence of my Lord and Savior.
    When I invite people to learn to watercolor paint from me, I teach them to paint, but one of the results is that people learn to become quiet and be still for a bit. This is not something that happens in the American culture unless you individually allow it, it is an act of your will. Knowing how to do this is not easy, but it happens as you learn to watercolor paint from me. I believe when the Holy Spirit called me to teach people to paint with this method that I was being called to share daily devotions the same as Frances J. Roberts in her devotional Come Away My Beloved, and Sarah Young with Jesus Calling and many other writers of daily devotions.
    For me, and maybe for you to turn your life around, to experience the everlasting love of Christ you need something to do with your hands to learn to, Be still and know God, as intended in Psalms 46:10.
    Come learn to paint flowers and birds and trees and seeds and insects that live in the garden and see if you find yourself walking with your Lord in the garden that you have now learned to paint.

    To learn how you can receive my teaching videos, see my paintings and read my devotions and stories, please visit my Patreon page. I ask you to pledge support so that my message and teaching methods can be shared with many people.
    The page is found at this URL online

    Kathleen McElwaine to learn more visit my website kmcelwaine.com

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  • “A brushstroke is an act of Boldness” by Kathleen McElwaine

    Short Watercolor Lessons

    It is not about learning to watercolor paint…it is about learning to let yourself paint. First let me say I do not teach children to paint because they already know how. I do however teach adults because they have developed bad habits around allowing themselves to try new activities.

    I have come to realize “A brushstroke is an act of Boldness”

    When you learn to paint from me, the first thing I teach, pay attention to how the brush strokes look.

    Put your brush to paper, make a brush stroke, lift the brush and look to see how it looks. This is the way you will begin to learn how to build a picture with water and color. In the example above I used 2 Daniel Smith Watercolors, Permanent Orange is the lighter color, Pyrol Scarlet is the darker color.  The direction of the brush matters and the layering of colors matters. you are not filling in a picture, like you would if you used a crayon, you are painting one brush stroke at a time to make it look like something when you have placed on the strokes together.

    To learn how to paint watch my teaching videos and read my stories I have shared on my Patreon page, patreon.com/ktws

    To Learn more about me and my art visit my website Kmcelwaine.com


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  • Fellowship & Watercolor, Come Paint with Kathleen December 10, 2017

    Next Class Sunday 2-4 December 10, 2017 at Leander Presbyterian Church

    If you live in the area of Austin, Texas and you become a patron on my Patreon.com/ktws site as I describe below, I will meet with you in my studio in Georgetown, Texas for a 1-hour private watercolor painting class and you can purchase the supplies I manufacture at a 20% discount. In addition, you are invited to attend Watercolor & Fellowship, once per month on a Sunday afternoon held at Leander Presbyterian Church. This is the church my husband pastors. This is a time to practice what I teach and learn more about watercolor painting.  Please sign up for my Newsletter to be sure to know when the free Watercolor and Fellowship date is each month.

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  • Watercolor & Fellowship November 19, 2017 2:00pm LPC

    Watercolor & Fellowship

    I have started having a time for anyone that wants to come paint with me to come. No Charge. I expect to have paint and brushes and palettes if you want to buy. I will always have my patterns with me for you to purchase if you want one $1.00 each or you can visit my Etsy store to buy one as an instant download and print it yourself, $1.00 either way. I will always have teaching videos available and I will show you how to access them when you are not with me.

    What I hope will happen with the Watercolor & Fellowship times, I hope I can paint also. I hope I introduce new students to painting in watercolor, I hope parents and grandparents will bring their artist child to learn and watch me paint and buy materials for them.

    I hope and pray we talk about what the Lord is doing in your life and are you letting yourself become quiet in your soul so your spirit…the part of you so intimately connected to our Lord Jesus Christ becoming bigger in you through this quiet time?  Can you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit?

    When I go to church I am worshiping. When I sing I sing as unto the Lord, though my voice is not developed, but God gave me a voice and I want to praise Him with it, so I sing. I have learned to do the same thing with painting and I want to teach you how to do this, if you are willing to learn.

    Come paint together. Come watch me paint. Bring the children artist with you, not for me to teach, not for you to teach, but to give them opportunity to learn more than they would without this opportunity. And you will learn how to let them learn. You can learn more by reading what I have written about it on my website. kmcelwaine.com/classes from my website kmcelwaine.com you can click on the link that says watercolor workshops

    I pray you will consider supporting me on Patreon.com/ktws. This is a way I can offer free painting get togethers and make teaching videos. $4.00 per month or a $1.00 for every video I share on the site, you can always decide to support me with more. Thank you! Click on the link, you will go right to the site. It is not easy to sign up on your phone so I recommend you do it on your computer. After you sign up you will be able to sign in on your phone and watch videos. Patreon.com/ktws


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  • Entering a New Phase – A messy studio

    Entering a new phase…

    I need to tell you this is so hard to write about. Since 2011 I have said yes. I have wanted you to learn how to paint if that was your hearts desire. I have wanted to paint what you wanted. I have said Yes, I have said Yes, I have said Yes.

    Enjoying the attention has been important to my own development. It was good to know art, even my art was important to you.

    But now I can’t do it anymore. I can’t say yes.

    I wake up in the morning and I say to my Lord Jesus Christ I don’t want anything in my life accept what you have for me. I take this statement seriously and I know the Lord has taken it serious as well. I have learned this requires a lot of changes.

    1. It is not my job to figure out how to make enough money. Live by faith
    2. I am learning to resist subtle or obvious pressures to please people. God wants to be my only Lord. No Idols.
    3. I need to pray at all times staying mindful that everyday is different. Trusting in the Lord with all my heart.

    I had so much trouble learning to read when I was a child. I was 11 or 12 before I could read a sentence. If I was called on to read, my body would begin to shake and my eyes bounced in my head. I finally learned enough that everyone changed the subject, but I had only learned to please others. I wrote a book about my childhood becoming an artist. I didn’t share anything that would make a child sad because I wrote it for every child that loves to do art and the adult world thinks they need to be involved and develop and direct the child. Children don’t need us to teach them art, they just need quality materials to work with and to be left alone to play with the materials. You can buy my book from my Etsy Store 


    In art the Holy Spirit has taught me how to learn for learning sake. It has been an important work in me and as I watch people my age begin to give up their dreams, stop trying to work towards and then fulfill their hearts desire I have seen how much they benefit when I teach them to quiet their soul the way I do when I paint with watercolor. This is how I learned to learn and I continue to learn this way.

    Thank you for reading my blog. My Studio is a mess and I love it!

    So you know what scriptures I’m listening to these days, Torah Portions, this week I’m on week 4 Reading is so laborious to me, I am thankful I can listen and paint.




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