Line Upon Line Precept

Isaiah 28: 10 thru 13, The story of life Seeing God web

Between 1978, the year Robert and I married and 1990 Oil prices went from over a $100.00 a barrel to $22.00 a barrel to reach a peak of $65 in 1990. It was during these years that we started our family, sold a home I had purchased previous to our marriage date and then bought a home in the country to fix up and make just right for us to raise our family.
I tell you the oil prices because we lived in Oklahoma and because of the price of oil, our life was totally changed.

Growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma both Robert and I had grown up with everything we needed but our families were not wealthy. The families around us, people we knew from Church, neighbors and friends were often very wealthy and very generous people. Given this mix we never knew want.

When Oil prices plummeted and people started loosing their jobs and leaving Oklahoma it was done so quietly in this community of affluent lifestyles that it was barely noticeable.

I had had so many complications with both of my pregnancy’s that I had never returned to work. Rob was employed by a family owned construction specialty company, as their door man. Stanley automatic doors in the surgery rooms and grocery stores had kept him busy for years and then their had always been the large building going up and Rob would be hanging door after door in stairwells. Our needs were met as usual.

Then Robert and I began to notice people being in a home on one day and gone the next and never a sign offering the property for sale or for lease. I think Rob began to see the writing on the wall but to my recollection I did not think much of the indicators around me.

One day Robert came home from hanging doors at a almost finished parking garage being built by, Oklahoma Natural Gas and everyone on the crew had been laid off. The unfinished, empty parking garage would stand in that same way until sometime in the mid 90’s when it was raised.I began my habit of daily praying and scripture meditations and searching during these years. My one on one encounters with God began during this time. And, our water well ran dry and by dialing a phone number in the yellow pages found under the heading of Water Delivery my Father God called Jeannine and Larry and a closer walk with Jesus into our lives.

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