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Next Class Sunday 2-4 December 17, 2017 at Leander Presbyterian Church

Come Paint With Me

If you live in the area of Austin, Texas and you become a patron on my Patreon.com/ktws site as I describe below, I will meet with you in my studio in Georgetown, Texas for a 1-hour private watercolor painting class and you can purchase the supplies I manufacture at a 20% discount. In addition, you are invited to attend Watercolor & Fellowship, once per month on a Sunday afternoon held at Leander Presbyterian Church. This is the church my husband pastors. This is a time to practice what I teach and learn more about watercolor painting.  Please sign up for my Newsletter to be sure to know when the free Watercolor and Fellowship date is each month.


Private Classes –

  • $50.00 per hour 2 hour minimum
  • In my Studio at Georgetown Art Center Studio address -816 S Main Street, Georgetown, TX 78626
  • Watercolor or Oil Painting
  • contact Kathleen McElwaine
  • Become a Patron of my Art & Pledge your Support Patreon.com/ktws

Invite Me - Class Description - What you can expect from a Keep The White Space Class

In watercolors, once the white of the paper has been painted, there is no way to recover the freshness of the white provided by the paper.  A watercolor artist learns to be very intentional about keeping “white space” as they paint.  Come learn watercolor painting while using a water brush and Daniel Smith Artist quality Watercolor paint and Kathleen’s developed method of learning how to “Keep The White Space® in your day and in your watercolor paintings. Watch my teaching video’s to see my process for beginners

Invite me to speak or teach or both at your Church, Small Group, or Event

Details You Might Need To Know

Most classes – last 2 – 4 hours long – $30.00 per person, (travel outside the Austin area is in addition to the per person charge) – I always supply the materials – I look forward to hearing from you Email Kathleen

Become a Patron on my art & pledge your support on Patreon.com/ktws

 Become a Patron of my Art  Everyone receives these rewards

  • I will post new paintings, priced for you. If you would like the painting let me know within the week, 7 days. This way I will know and I won’t list it in other places at regular price.
  • Watercolor Teaching Videos – My goal is to post 4 per month.
  • Do you need Art Supplies? keepthewhitespace.etsy.com
  • https://www.etsy.com/shop/keepthewhitespace
  • Buy Now Wall Art, Home Decor, Lifestyle Items, Greeting Cards, Phone Cases, Tee Shirts, and Coffee Mugs with my art. This company has a 100% guarantee and your money back if you are not happy with what you receive. kathleenmcelwaine.pixels.com
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  • Let me know if you have any questions, I am here for you! The more you respond to my postings the faster I grow.
  • Become a Patron patreon.com/ktws

About Kathleen & Keep The White Space®

Kathleen McElwaine Artist
In 2007 my husband, Robert, graduated from seminary and became the pastor of a church 27 miles away from my employment. I began commuting each day to work. Because of the commute time, I stopped having time to paint each morning as I had done for over 40 years.

My artist mission statement is to paint paintings that bring a smile, causes reflection, gives pause, quiets the heart or stills the soul.

And so, when dedicated morning paint time was disrupted by demanding commute hours, necessity became the mother of invention. I designed and assembled a water-color palette, paper, and brush to simplify and make portable painting whenever I sat. From the first day with my palette to the last day 4 years later I painted each day during my commute time.

During this time local publications – The Austin Statesmen, The Impact, Hill Country Newspapers, Bob Bullock Museum Magazine, The Star – all wrote articles about the lady painting on the bus. The writers referred to me as The Bus Paintings Artist and they named my art “Original Texas Whimsey”. The biggest rewards came when fellow bus riders arranged times to watch and learn how to paint.
In 2011 I formed Kathleen McElwaine Art, LLC and trademarked my signature, KMcElwaine® and Keep The White Space®, the name I gave to my teaching method. Today I teach watercolor online with videos. You can subscribe & watch online at patreon.com/ktws.  Also, I hold a free Watercolor & Fellowship gatherings at Leander Presbyterian Church. In addition, I travel to churches and teach this method to others who desire to have Watercolor & Fellowship times in their own church.

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