May 5, 2017

A Patron of The Arts

What is a Patron?  a person choosing to be a supporter of the Arts.
… the unspoken between artist, KMcElwaine, and You, the patron

Patreon is becoming a typical way for an artist to raise money, But, nobody had it over Rembrandt van Rijn July 15, 1606 – October 4, 1669

After Rembrandt, by KMcElwaine


This is the way Rembrandt managed to put dinner on the table and brew in his goblet. Rembrandt being the creative person he is painted constantly, and he was a public servant, recording history and providing beauty all around in his community. Needing to have enough to eat and wanting to hobnob with his collectors, the 1% of his time, he painted lots of different art. Commissions, studies, studio works paintings for the community and his own response to inspirations….sounds like me.

Most of his paintings include people.

He had to find ways to create an income…again, this sounds like me. Rembrandt found a way to tap into the ego of the leaders in his small Dutch community.

My imagination can be pretty vivid and I conjured up a picture in my mind of Rembrandt standing in the presence of Mayor Cornelis de Graeff , and telling Mayor Graeff all about how he pictured The Night Watchman to look once he painted it. Rembrandt’s And then Rembrandt would ask, “Will you pay me X# of guilders to paint your face on the most prominent person in my painting?” Of course t, e mayor was willing, so the mayor would become a patron. Then Rembrandt would be off to the banker with the same offer and the banker would become a patron. With each offer, the most prominent figure would move according to the highest bidder. I’m certain Rembrandt found important spots in his painting for each person willing to pay. And then his paintings had much less desirable figures, such as the cadaver in The Anatomy Lesson painting. But Rembrandt still needed a model so he had a name for these people in his paintings.

Dr. Deijman’s Anatomy Lesson (fragment)

Rembrandt called these individuals and later the face painting studies Tronies because they were a patron without the pay, Tronies.

My dad often referred to his rodeo buddies as Tronies so this was great fun to read when I learned about Rembrandt in my own research.

I wonder? What would the response be if I try to raise money the way Rembrandt did?  Mayor Ross, are you interested in paying me to paint you into a prominent place in one of my paintings?

I have created an easier way for you to become a Patron of KMcElwaine Art

                                                                                         Click here to check it out…

These are a few of my own Tronies, painted during my BusPainting Days. I loved painting people and working to make sure they never knew they were a model for a quick fun study. I call the collection of these painting My Very Cantankerous Rich Ladies because I learned so much from these wonderful people about my own character and the character of people that loved me because of my art painted during the commutes to and from my job at University of Texas, 2007 – 2011.

My Very Cantankerous Rich Ladies – Each one has a lot to say. Tronies painting during the BusPainting day 2007-2011


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