“A brushstroke is an act of Boldness” by Kathleen McElwaine

Short Watercolor Lessons

It is not about learning to watercolor paint…it is about learning to let yourself paint. First let me say I do not teach children to paint because they already know how. I do however teach adults because they have developed bad habits around allowing themselves to try new activities.

I have come to realize “A brushstroke is an act of Boldness”

When you learn to paint from me, the first thing I teach, pay attention to how the brush strokes look.

Put your brush to paper, make a brush stroke, lift the brush and look to see how it looks. This is the way you will begin to learn how to build a picture with water and color. In the example above I used 2 Daniel Smith Watercolors, Permanent Orange is the lighter color, Pyrol Scarlet is the darker color.  The direction of the brush matters and the layering of colors matters. you are not filling in a picture, like you would if you used a crayon, you are painting one brush stroke at a time to make it look like something when you have placed on the strokes together.

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