Beginners Guide: Hot Press or Cold Press Watercolor Paper, Whats Up?

If I ask my husband a question about Jesus, he begins to make sure I know the full gospel account and in no time at all, it begins to sound like he never heard my question, but If I will be patient, low and behold, he eventually gets around to answering my question. Since I love talking about watercolor paper, I try really hard to be real specific with my answers when a student seeks guidance on what paper to buy.

With this, I want to go straight to the meat of the subject.

When I am teaching beginner students to paint with watercolor, I want them to use the very best cold press watercolor paper I can provide. The best and most affordable student quality paper manufactured today is Canson XL Watercolor Paper, a pad of 30 9×12 sheets of 140 lb cold press paper. Keep in mind this paper is made from wood pulp, not cotton. When you paint on it, the paper absorbs the water and the paint sits on top. The way a paper grabs the color makes a lot of difference in the way the painting will look. So as soon as I can, I move a student to the very most affordable 100% Cotton paper a student can afford. Global Arts, Fluid 100, 140lb, Cold Press, 100% Cotton watercolor paper. This paper has beautiful tooth, texture, weight, and color. This will give a student the best learning experience and final outcome. Fluid 100, 100% cotton, cold press, 140LB paper is exactly what I provide my students in all my beginner’s classes and when you purchase one of my palettes I include 10 to 12, 6×8 sheets.

Professionally as an artist, I use Fabriano, Artistico, Extra White, 100% Cotton, Hot Press, 140lb Watercolor Paper. The reason: Most of my art is available as prints only. My original art is sold only occasionally from my Etsy Store. I want a paper that will allow me to scan at a very high resolution, allow me to clean up all the background and print with little to no extra texture showing through. I find the Extra White and the Hot Press and the quality of paper to be unmatched by any other brand. I buy pounds and pounds of this paper in 22×30 sheets of paper. I’m proud to say I met the man that has worked all these years to bring this paper to the US. Thank you, Pierre! Click here to watch a video from the day Pierre and I met.

My art is mainly purchased 12×16  Fine Texas Art Prints, wholesale from a growing list of  Texas Gift Shops, or available Online Print and Products Store, hosted by Fine Art America,, where my customers have enjoyed 100% satisfaction guarantee for many years.


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