BusPaintings & Keep The White Space

The Story….In 2007, Kathleen McElwaine moved to Leander, Texas, with her husband Rob who became the Pastor of Leander Presbyterian Church. Kathleen worked at the University of Texas and had to ride a bus over an hour each way to and from her day job each day. That time soon became the best time of the day; it became her painting time. As it is said, necessity is the mother of invention, in order to paint while commuting, Kathleen created what she calls her laptop easel. Her supplies included primary and secondary colors, a small block of watercolor paper and a brush that holds water. With tools in hand, Kathleen sat down in her bus seat, prepared to continue her life as an artist. Contemplating what to paint, a picture came to mind of her mother carrying a clay pot of red geraniums up a staircase to her grandmother’s porch. Kathleen, using a memory as her subject, painted those geraniums. As she continued painting on the bus, Kathleen’s painting technique “Keep The White Space TM” was born.

Keep The White Space TM is a watercolor concept that teaches mapping out the areas in a painting that will stay white; because once the white space is gone in watercolor it cannot be recovered. Kathleen believes this concept also carries over into everyday life. It is important to map out our day allowing for white space because once time is gone, it too cannot be recovered. In November of 2011, Kathleen became a full-time artist teaching watercolor painting using Keep The White Space TM Books for those of us who want to experience the joy of watercolor, no matter where we are. This video was made on the train 1 at the end of my commuting to work days.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI3LTkN3xz4

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