Drawing table hight and other very important details



I was 11 years old when I started taking Creative Painting Classes from a great and famous artist Jay O’Meilia. Jay was being paid to teach me with payment of Nocona Boots Company handmade boots. Jay taught me in a class full of serious adult art students. Jay wanted me to be successful because he liked wearing boots.



  • Each Saturday morning when I came into the classroom I was taught to stand at a wall easel and loosen up by drawing with charcoal on newsprint paper. I was taught to draw circles and lines. The purpose was to loosen my muscles enough that my eye and my hand were in control….not my wrist.

The next thing I did was go to a drawing table that stood about 4 inches below my waist.

  • At this table, I would begin to draw or paint with watercolor the setup that had been prepared for me. Most often this was a cow skull with lots of light reflections from a lit lamp to the side of the setup. Most often I was given burnt sienna paint, a #8 sable paintbrush, clean water, and a scrap piece of watercolor paper torn into pieces around 4inches x 6 inches. I was instructed and encouraged each Saturday to paint this over and over again. Over time I found many creative ways of painting this image.

Jay would work his way around the room, helping each adult student, coaching each one to push the limits of what they were working on in his class. I listened intently to these conversations. Jay was encouraging to each student and often I heard him say “it is obvious that you have been practicing your brush strokes, good job!

I worked hard to hear those words, so I began the habit of painting every day, it was not long before I was allowed the next step.

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