License your art? This is how it is for me.

A few weeks ago I started painting for Sue Patrick, 5222 Burnet Road, Austin Texas. I painted lots of watercolor painting with the hope that one of the images would be “just what they wanted” for spring, or Mothers Day or Valentines Day.  Thinking of Spring & Valentines Day.

I fanned the flame of my creative juices by painting these.  This helps me to focus. Then I painted these.









Then I looked at some of the shirts Sue Patrick had created in the past with my art. .

Then feeling confident and proud I knew exactly what I wanted to paint and create to share with Sue Patrick.

Then I felt ready to show!

I made an appointment.

I created more.  To my delight, they chose four. Two of the ones they chose are not shown here. One I created in Photoshop and the other they chose from images they had done in the past. They must have done so well with it in the past that they wanted to bring it back!

I will write a follow-up blog when the final products are available in the store! I can’t wait to see what they will look like.

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Thank you!

Watch my latest video and please share. When you share, it helps my art to be known by all! Thank you.

Click on the link to watch a 1 minute video on my Youtube channel – Watercolor painting a Sea Turtle Video 1 minute

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