Meeting Pierre

Sitting in the hotel lobby, drinking coffee and painting as I do in the mornings, wherever I am….I saw a man walking towards me excited to see me. I had no idea who this man was but I could not wait to find out.

 He came close and began to ask me to tell him about what I was doing. He said I never come to the lobby like this, I must have come just to meet you. He kept asking me questions, I kept telling him stories about my palette and the small paintings all around and I told him stories about all of you. I wanted him to know I teach watercolor to anyone wanting to learn. I told him I teach watercolor. I bragged, MY STUDENTS, ARE 100% SUCCESSFUL! I said My students know the success of their paintings is all theirs! He was so very excited about meeting me and I kept wondering who is this man? Then I found out, The truth is, he is the only person I have ever thought of that I actually thought I would never meet. He is Pierre of the importer of Fabriano Artistico Paper, the 5×7 blocks of Artist Quality Paper I used all those years riding the bus and painting as the Buspaintings Artist. This is the paper that allowed me to turn a little painting that many people called a card into a business, and even today these paintings hold the attention of admirers of Fine Texas Art.

Many times in my life I have said how much I would like to say thank you, for making it possible for me to have access to this wonderful watercolor paper. And then Pierre walked through a lobby I was sitting in and he discovered me. Later that day I was invited to the Savoir Faire Booth at the trade show and I was introduced to Pierre’s wife, Maureen Labro, an artist and lovely person, her smile said it all as Pierre introduced us with voice and gestures only a friendly French Man could. I also had the honor to meet Andrew Cook, Account Manager Education.

The way I see it: God said Kathleen, I love you and I have this gift for you, sit right here and paint a bit to receive it. I did and I received the gift, no small miracle in my world, it was nice to meet you Pierre and yes I thank God for you every day. Visit my site and watch an interview Pierre and I did.

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Kathleen McElwaine

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