Mindset of Learning to Watercolor Paint – Keep The White Space®

A mindset is a set of assumptions or methods held by one or more people or groups of people.

The mindset I ask my students to hold  – If I learn to watercolor paint I will learn painting techniques to practice and I will enjoy the time I spend learning. Over time I will become a better watercolor painter. I will seek to practice and study the skills and techniques rather than accomplish a masterpiece. I want to look at each painting session as an opportunity to learn, not as a good painting or a bad painting because with each painting session I am working towards my goal of becoming a better painter.

Seek to practice and study the skills and techniques I teach each time you paint rather than expecting to accomplish a painting.

In my classes, I teach techniques for you to practice. Most people start with my Keep The White Space® Practice Patterns and many people are happy continuing learning with this approach.  Each practice pattern may be used for a greeting card, 

framed picture, 

Or mated and framed picture for you to enjoy,

or custom frame a collage of your own paintings,


or place it inside of a journal of your own art.

Regardless,  over time you will see your skills increase and give place for your own creativity to emerge.

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