Watercolor & Fellowship November 19, 2017 2:00pm LPC

Watercolor & Fellowship

I have started having a time for anyone that wants to come paint with me to come. No Charge. I expect to have paint and brushes and palettes if you want to buy. I will always have my patterns with me for you to purchase if you want one $1.00 each or you can visit my Etsy store to buy one as an instant download and print it yourself, $1.00 either way. I will always have teaching videos available and I will show you how to access them when you are not with me.

What I hope will happen with the Watercolor & Fellowship times, I hope I can paint also. I hope I introduce new students to painting in watercolor, I hope parents and grandparents will bring their artist child to learn and watch me paint and buy materials for them.

I hope and pray we talk about what the Lord is doing in your life and are you letting yourself become quiet in your soul so your spirit…the part of you so intimately connected to our Lord Jesus Christ becoming bigger in you through this quiet time?  Can you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit?

When I go to church I am worshiping. When I sing I sing as unto the Lord, though my voice is not developed, but God gave me a voice and I want to praise Him with it, so I sing. I have learned to do the same thing with painting and I want to teach you how to do this, if you are willing to learn.

Come paint together. Come watch me paint. Bring the children artist with you, not for me to teach, not for you to teach, but to give them opportunity to learn more than they would without this opportunity. And you will learn how to let them learn. You can learn more by reading what I have written about it on my website. kmcelwaine.com/classes from my website kmcelwaine.com you can click on the link that says watercolor workshops

I pray you will consider supporting me on Patreon.com/ktws. This is a way I can offer free painting get togethers and make teaching videos. $4.00 per month or a $1.00 for every video I share on the site, you can always decide to support me with more. Thank you! Click on the link, you will go right to the site. It is not easy to sign up on your phone so I recommend you do it on your computer. After you sign up you will be able to sign in on your phone and watch videos. Patreon.com/ktws


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